History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Tapp Funeral Home started in 1895 when Noah Tapp went into business as an embalmer in Tilden, KY. During the 1930's, Noah's son, Luke, along with partners, opened Tapp Funeral Home in the current location at 223 Third St. In 1941, Fred M. Tapp, who was still managing the funeral homes in Dixon and Providence that his dad had previously opened in the 1930's, and his brother Kestner decided to completely remodel the Tapp building. Fred M. convinced his son to move from California to Henderson to manage the new building. Through his efforts the business flourished. Tapp Funeral Home was owned by many owners after Fred Allen's death in 1979. Maynard Glunt purchased the business in 1986 which was later purchased by Prime Succession. Tapp Funeral Home returned to local family ownership in January, 2004 when it was repurchased by Maynard and Gene Glunt, together with James and Judy Veccia. This purchase included Benton-Glunt Funeral Home and Roselawn Memorial Gardens. Tapp Funeral Home continues to be a well-known and respected name in the funeral business in Henderson and the surrounding areas.  

Our Valued Staff

Jim and Judy  Veccia

Jim and Judy Veccia, Owners, Funeral Directors

Eric  Harrah

Eric Harrah, Embalming Manager, Funeral Director

Melanie Veccia  Harrah

Melanie Veccia Harrah, Funeral Director Apprentice

Barbara  Shiver

Barbara Shiver, Funeral Director

Michael  Bollinger

Michael Bollinger, Funeral Director

Mei-Mei Eblen

Mei-Mei Eblen, Office Manager

James L. O'Nan

James L. O'Nan, Funeral Director

Leo  Skaggs

Leo Skaggs, Funeral Director

Darrell  Powell

Darrell Powell, Support Staff

Virgil  Wheeler

Virgil Wheeler, Support Staff

Eldean  Whitlege

Eldean Whitlege, Support Staff

Faye Woodard

Faye Woodard, Support Staff

Virginia Lancaster

Virginia Lancaster, Support Staff

Will Robinson

Will Robinson, Support Staff

David Fulkerson

David Fulkerson, Support Staff